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Hello hello, August 1st! School is just around the corner, so I thought I'd share some of my back to school ideas: dorm, clothes, and school-supply goodies I'm looking at for the 2018-19 school year!

August 23rd will be my first day of my FRESHMAN YEAR OF C~O~L~L~E~G~E at the University of Arkansas. Some of you know I graduated high school this past May, and all summer I've been getting ready for this next big step in life. Cheesy, but so true, things are changinggg & I'm both nervous and  excited. 

I move into my dorm NEXT WEEK (!!), then RUSH (!!!!!!), and then my first classes as an Apparel Merchandising and Product Development majoring student :').

Cheers to the new school year & the new opportunities it holds for us!  

D O R M 

Ooooo dorm, this has been fun!! My roommate and I have slowly pieced our new home together over the summer (official pics to come on MOVE IN DAY!) but here I will link some must haves I found while shopping around.  



 Letter Board, I've seen most every dorm featuring the vintage letter board. A cheap accent you can change throughout the seasons of the year. 


Banners & Garland, soooo cute! Great way to add color to drab walls. Target party aisle has cute, printed banners as well as Hobby Lobby. Strand lights are always a good idea, too.  

Mood Boards, a DIY your Pinterest and VSCO can help you out on! I plan on getting together a bulletin board for my dorm, but here in my room now I have printed out pics (cheap & super accessible from Walgreens) both pics I've taken and "cute-motivational" I  stole off of online. 



Target is a GO-TO on dorm bedding. From sheets, to comforters, to pillows & throws, Target has cute and quality products. My roommate & I ordered Duvet Covers off of Amazon (cheap + a basic we can dress up with our pillows!), but my fav Target bedding has to be the Opal House Velvet pieces


Also, for pillows, the Faux Fur Pillowcase from Target is under $5 and is such a fun piece to mix up the texture. I got it for my room at home, but think I might take it to the dorm! My throw pillows I've picked up from far and wide, and by that I mean sale shelves at Marshalls & Tuesday Morning, so no links for them. I love Mexican Embroidery pieces, so I was so happy to find a pillowcase to add to my collection. I found a similar one linked here. 



Bins, bins, & more bins, finding cute & cheap bins is not as hard as it looks. I found these yellow plastic bins that have a foggy tint to them in the dollar section at Target. 


Power strips, they don't have to be ugly! I found yellow, lightening bolt shaped power strips both plug and USB at Marshalls.   


C L O T H E S:

Back to school shopping & Tax Free Weekend is so underrated, I live for it. I like to make a condensed list of things I know will be useful to have & important to get before school starts. Sticking to the few, maybe pricier items that you won't want to bother buying later will pay off in the back to school sales going on this month.



Of course, a pair of sneakers! Starting college, I know I will be more on the casual side when  walking to class & a new pair of sneakers wouldn't hurt. New Balance is my personal favorite because I have had a red pair of 501s for now a year and I love them! They still look new-ish, go with more than you would think, and New Balances can be found for cheap on Amazon & elsewhere online, ya just gotta look. I thought a neutral color would be good to have, but any color (& any brand) would work- all about your preference. 



So, I try not to go crazy when back to school shopping, but rather go with "less is more" mentality. Especially with jeans. In Arkansas, it won't even be cool enough to wear jeans for another month or two, so the times I do need to wear them, I want them comfy & lose, yet still a fashion statement. I LOVE these jeans I found (on sale) at local boutique, Masons. They are the brand Able & the style is Nelly, linked HERE. They are the right medium denim shade to go with everything while being cropped, raw-edge, and straight down/slightly flare fit. Perfect for the end of August heat + perfect to match with sandals and later short booties. 



If you don't have a fav denim jacket already, this basic would be great to have. My favorite denim jacket has been the Blank NYC Denim Jacket, which is a bit pricier than most, but Forever 21 always has a great selection, too.