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Hi everyone! If you've been following along on instagram, you have probably seen an abnormal amount of posts from me this past week, I've been on vacation! My parents and I traveled to San Diego, CA for a few days for my senior trip. I graduated from high school on Saturday, May 19th, and this trip was the perfect way to celebrate right after!   

Of course, I took lots of pics- featuring outfits, views, coffee, & food, and wanted to sum it all up in a little blog post. I had never been to California before, and we really didn't have many plans before heading on our excursion, so maybe this will help guide you on what to do when in southern California!  

T U E S D A Y:  We left home early Tuesday morning to drive to Tulsa airport for our flight. We live in Northwest Arkansas, so the closest airport with Southwest Airlines is Tulsa. Southwest usually has the cheapest flying options, so we deem the short drive worth it! 

My travel wear consisted of rainbow stripe Gianni Bini Active shorts found at Dillard's paired with a Lululemon top. For shoes, I wore my trusty-old Fenty Puma's by Rihanna. Also, my travel luggage consisted of my school backpack- Fjall Raven Kanken as well as my bright yellow suitcase, found at Marshall's.

Once we arrived at San Diego airport after a connecting flight in Dallas, we found our rental car (highly recommend if staying for a few days in southern California, easiest way to get to place to place on your own time!). We checked in at our hotel, the Best Western at Yacht Harbor, then hit the nearest sights.

We first looked at the Sunset Cliffs, which was near our hotel. So cool! Also, where we first realized it was going to be a rather chillier next few days than we expected. It was in the 60s every day, with a whole lotta breeze! Then, shopped some at the Fashion Valley mall- a gooooood one as we came back one other time during our trip! We also went to the historic Gas Lamp District and we ate at Burger Lounge. Then, dessert at The Baked Bear. Each destination I'd say was on average 20min of each other, but so cool that San Diego could encompass so much.



W E D N E S D A Y: Los Angeles day!! We woke up early and hit the Better Buzz Coffee (two blocks away from our hotel!) before hitting the 5 highway to L.A. The drive was about 2 and half hours and we felt it was totally worth it as one of our favorite days in our vacation. We first stopped at Santa Monica Pier, and you'll be able to see in the pictures it was pretty cloudy when we got there. Thankfully, the sun came out as the day went on. We ventured around the Pier for a bit, taking in all the corny carnival atmosphere as you see in the movies. Then, we drove to Beverly Hills and window shopped throughout Rodeo Dr. 

We then drove to L.A. and walked around Sunset Ave. and saw the Chinese Theatre as well as the Walk of Stars. Just touristy things ;)! Afterwards, we drove up the hills to get a closer look and pictures of the famous Hollywood sign. So fun and beautiful views the farther up you go- also have to say the architecture of all the California houses is beauuuutiful. We then finished our trek up the hills to see the Griffith Observatory. Was pretty crowded as the sun was fixing to set, but nonetheless a cool thing to see! 

Finishing up our L.A. day, we ate at Pink's Hotdogs and stopped at Randy's Donuts before heading back to San Diego.  

THE TWO PIECE-- Omg I love this outfit! I took the plunge and ordered this a couple weeks before my trip and I have been dying to wear it. The pants and top are sold separate at Revolve and are from the brand I. Am. Gia. I had to hem the pants a few inches as they came super long, but I got an XS in both pieces and they fit perfectly everywhere else! The fabric is super stretchy and thick, so you are definitely buying quality with this set. Be prepared for more pics on Insta to come in this outfit, I wish I could live in it! My shoes are BC footwear "Fun for all ages" that I found at boutique RiffRaff. 



T H U R S D A Y: Back in San Diego! We coffee'd again at Better Buzz- so wish we had one here in NWA! Then, drove out to the island of Coronado. Coronado, CA is beautiful! The sky was still cloudy as it was most mornings during our trip until about noon, but we didn't mind as there was no rain thankfully. The Hotel Del Coronado was built in the 1880s and is still standing today- it is huge & absolutely beautiful! We decided to lunch at Miguel's, a Mexican restaurant in Coronado. So so good, loved it! Again, the architecture everywhere was just so pretty- had to take more pictures! We walked around before heading back to San Diego area- where we shopped some more and ate at Little Italy. We turned in early that night as we were still tired from our L.A. day.  

My outfit was this yellow jumpsuit-dress from Zara (I found a similar jumpsuit dress linked here), star print denim jacket from local boutique Golden Girls (similar linked here), and red hair bandana from Forever 21. 

Also-- my yellow fur sandals! A day or two before my trip I was looking at Instagram and saw ASOS post UGG's newest summer fur sandals. While shopping Tuesday evening, I was SO happy to find the exact ones I wanted in store at the UGG store. My favorite purchase of the trip- so unique so fun!!



F R I D A Y: Zoo day! Everyone I spoke to about suggestions for San Diego mentioned the zoo, and so we went! It was really cool & fun, very glad we went! We started on the bus tour around the zoo so we could see all the what the zoo had to offer. After, we were able to see what we wanted to make sure and go look at! We saw everything there was to see and more by ending with the Sky Safari. After a good chunk of our day, we drove out to La Jolla Cove and saw the seals! So cool! Also, ran into two of my friends from home there :) We ate by the Cove, it was delicious. We shopped a bit at all the cool stores in the La Jolla/Mission Beach area before heading back. Fun fun area :) 

Outfit: I wore a rainbow striped Forever 21 tee (linked here halter top version) with Blank NYC denim shorts from Savoir-Faire and Fenty Puma's by Rihanna. Also, my red fanny pack!! I have seen the fanny pack trend coming back, and while I wish mine was a Gucci fanny pack like some uber cool blogger-girls, mine is from Topshop! I love it! It is shaped and the gold decal on it is just like the Gucci one I have drooled over. And, an even cheaper version with a different look is linked here from Forever 21. 



S A T U R D A Y: Before heading back, we brunched! I am a huge brunch fanatic, so brunch had to happen at some point in our trip. I'm so glad we chose to eat at Breakfast Republic, was soooo good and the atmosphere was fun. I got the oreo pancakes! We then went to the pier area of San Diego and saw some of the oldest ships still afloat- very cool to see. We also went back to the Gas Lamp Disrtict and shopped a bit more before heading back to the airport.  

My travel style to back home was Lulu and Urban! I wore my Lulu shirt again as well as the side pleated skirt. And, this light knit Urban Outfitters sweater as well as the platform Vans espadrilles. My mom and I both purchased this sweater on the trip- I blue and she orange, we both love the light weight and cute look and it comes in so many different colors. 


All around, so grateful and thankful for this trip with my parents. Was such a fun experience to see Cali! Can't wait to go back! ✰✰✰